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Your company is likely your largest asset.  When the time is right, converting that into cash can be tricky.  To cash out, someone has to want to buy the company you’ve created.

That is where the VALUE BUILDER SCORE comes into play.  The VBS is an assessment tool that allows you to see your business as a buyer would see it.  All it takes is to complete a simple questionnaire and you can see your score.

​Whether you want to sell your business soon or just want the peace of mind to know you’re building a valuable asset for the future, improving your VBS gives you an immediate and quantifiable return on investment. 

A study of 20,000+ businesses showed that companies achieving a VBS of 80+ (out of a possible 100) go on to sell at a 71% premium compared to average-scoring businesses.

Key Drivers of Company Value

Your Value Builder Score is calculated through an analysis of your business's performance on eight factors that drive the value of your business. Along with your score, you will see a result on all eight of the value drivers and the average score for each among companies in your industry.

Do you want to increase the value of your business? Following this, we can help you implement proven processes and procedures within your business to increase its value profits.

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The Value Builder System - Explainer Video
http://www.lamplighter-studios.com Explainer video for The Value Builder System. Produced, edited, animated, composited and mixed by Toronto video production company Lamplighter Studios.If a picture...

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