Business Consulting Services  - Increase Profits and Cash Flow

Initial Setup:  $3,000
1)      Complete review of accounting function and system
2)      Review of financial statements for general accuracy and reflection of the business operation
3)      Discussion of any recommendations for any changes that should be made
4)      Analysis of financial statements, including ratio analysis and comparison to industry averages
            -  Includes a comprehensive report and
-  Discussion of the results, including identifying potential areas of improvement
-  This is done via an online software application.  The savings identified alone will more than pay for the initial consulting work performed
5)      Comprehensive review of profitability
            -  Review of revenue components
            -  Analysis of expenses
            -  Margin analysis by product line and SKU
6)      Working capital analysis
            -  Balance sheet account analysis
            -  Review of inventory activity and balances

Budgeting/Forecasting:  $2,500 estimate, depending on size and complexity of business
1)      Prepare a one-year detailed budget
2)      Prepare a 13-week cash flow forecast

Ongoing Services:  $1,000 - $1,500/month estimated
1)      Reviewing financial transactions on recurring basis
2)      Assist in the preparation of monthly financial statements
3)      Analyze the financials and provide feedback to the business owner
4)      Make recommendations as warranted for any changes to be considered
5)      Update the cash flow forecast on a weekly basis, maintaining a rolling 13-week forecast model

All Rates are subject to revision based on actual tasks and work to be done.  All work is customized to the client’s specific needs with no obligation to purchase any individual service.


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