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First there was the crash of '07/'08 with all of the disruption and business losses.  That was pretty bad.  

But, no, we had to top that with the coronavirus pandemic.  Now there are more than 15 million people still unemployed and millions of businesses that have been closed and are slowly trying to reopen.  Good luck!

Has your business been one that has experienced struggles from the past and current economic conditions?  Most have, particularly now, so you're not alone.  So what do you do?   

Many businesses applied for the Paycheck Protection Program SBA loan program.  Did you?  It has its good side and its bad.  But many businesses cannot comply with the rules as laid out.   

Well, you want to run your company more efficiently by reducing some expenses and concentrate in improving revenues.  Part of expense reduction involves evaluating personnel needs, so perhaps you've reduced administrative overhead staff or are thinking about it. But there can be a downside to that. 
Are you getting accurate financial information in a timely manner to help you make good decisions?  Are you deferring some decisions because you aren't sure which choice is right for your company?  Not having good information can hurt your operations.  Accounting information is not just to give to your bank and your tax accountant; it is vital to making good decisions in managing your business. 
That is where TYZ Financial can help.  We provide part-time or interim financial and accounting services.  You can receive the service and support of a highly qualified CFO and Controller only as you need it, without having to pay a full-time salary or benefits.  Many companies utilize this type of professional service.  But many of the professional service companies charge very high fees.  TYZ can help keep those rates at a lower level because we don't have the high overhead costs of these other firms. Our CFO Services, Controller Services and basic Accounting Services can help you get the right information to increase your profits and cash flow.
For smaller companies, we can provide basic accounting services and bookkeeping services.  While there is no shortage of bookkeeping firms, how many of them can offer a full range of enhanced advisory services and still keep the expense at a low level? 

With our assistance, you can:
  * continue to focus on your core activities without worrying too much about financial issues
  * have a better understanding of the financial issues impacting your business
  * make better decisions by having current financial information available to you
  * know that a high-level professional is helping to oversee the financial side of your business
  * improve your planning process through budgeting and monitoring your operations
  * have an ongoing analysis of profitability and cash flow
  * receive assistance with outside professionals such as bankers, insurance agents, attorneys, etc.
  * get help with any special circumstances that arise
This is a very effective option for companies that want the help of a high-level finance and accounting professional without making the commitment to hiring a full-time staff member.  
In other situations, a larger company might require additional professional resources for a special financial project.  We can help with that as well.
Our CFO Services, Controller Services and basic Accounting Services can help you get the right information to improve your profits and cash flow.
Principal Areas of Practice
Strong background in finance/accounting department management, accounting system implementation, day-to-day operations oversight, startup company development, financial planning and analysis, profit improvement, cost reduction, company turnarounds, financial reporting, strategic planning, budgeting/forecasting, acquisitions and business financings.
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